Sunset 1_17_20

Storm clouds finally lifting off the Sangres.

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Snow 1_16_20

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Marls 1_16_20

One of the reasons I have trouble getting things done…

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Greenbelt walks Jan. 13 – 15th

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Bald Eagle!

I was out for a walk in the greenbelt yesterday and thought I saw a large harrier hawk take off nearby. So today I took along the camera and was surprised to see the “hawk” was actually a bald eagle. First time in 20 something years that I’ve ever seen one here.

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Full Moon 1_10_20

This decade’s inaugural full moon. It was on the horizon, so it was larger but kinda blurry. I’m also including a map of all the craters (h/t The Sea of Tranquility is where we landed on the moon.

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Exotic nocturnal wildlife 1_8_20

Captured on my new night vision trail camera. Hopefully, I’ll get more video of this strange creature… captured here hopping about!

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Sunset 1_5_20

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First sunset of the decade.

A storm is moving in so this is the best I got. Thankfully I have the next 10 years to improve!

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Final sunset of the decade.

Happy New Year!

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