Sunset 2_19_20

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Mid Feb sunsets and clouds 2_17/18_20

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Beautiful music

Argentine soprano Mariana Flores and guitarist Quito Gato perform “Alfonsina y El Mar”, by Ariel Ramírez (1921-2010 ) & Felix Luna.

By way of David Yard.

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Birthday sunset for Anna 2_12_20

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Sunset panorama 2_10_20

Click for a larger view.

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Many moons

Tonight’s full moon is obscured by the clouds from the incoming Winter storm… so I’ve put together a video of moonshots I’ve taken from 2010 to last Friday, 2_7_20. There are fuzzy ones, eclipses, blood moons, super moons and more. Don’t forget to look up!

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Clouds, moon and sunset 2_7_20

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Cloud Appreciation Society

I’ve signed up here.

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Coyote 2_5_20

This doggie was part of a pack of six that wandered by. It stopped to rest long enough for me to snap a few photos. I’m hoping they are making a dent in the pack rat population!

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Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl party tradition of 20+ years continues… a TV in the bathroom. Congrats to KC. Here’s hoping the 49er’s are back next year.

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