Skull and Crossbones

 By entering the following web pages, you are assuming all responsibility for any and all nightmarish hell you may or may not experience. Please read the following very small print for your legal options regarding the direct or indirect viewing of the following mayhem and madness...

Viewer agrees to hold, it's subsidieries and legal agents, blameless and non liable for the following (but not limited to) conditions: sweaty palms, nightmares, insanity. creepy carpal-tunnel syndrome, a case of the shakes, a new found knack for devil worship, that funny scratchy sound your voice makes when you scream, any general ennui, cringing, mad bloodlust, the fall television lineup, angry pumpkins, lost spare change, distended organs, plueresy, split personality, drooling, howling and/or moaning, sleepless nights, fits of trembling, lamentations, spectral emanations, non-load bearing walls, ants... lots and lots of ants, changing weather conditions, hyper-tension, zombification, tooth loss, withering skin and eye sockets, a brain that grows larger than any of these puny humans, damnation, ashen pale skin pallor, lost luggage, having to hear that awful Yanni music that your coworker enjoys so much, chillbains, oily hair, trigger finger, dish pan hands, Melltrove's syndrome, the willies, chapped lips, cold shoulder, anxiety, wasted opportunities, webbed feet, a general disagreeableness, upset tummy, furious nose hair growth, a tongue of solid flame and glowing ember eyes, party hats, dispepsia, heart burn, silly costumes for family pets, data loss, deciding to open up that door despite the fact the monster chasing you is super-human and has a really, really long knife, dysentary, mutation, sore throat, hey... who's there... I can see you behind that door... if this is a joke it isn't funny... o.k., here I come... ooomygoaaaarrrrggghhhhh (splat).

You have been warned!