Skull and Crossbones

By viewing the following web pages, you assume all risk and responsibility for any and all satanic horrors you may or may not experience. Please read the following small print for your legal options regarding the descent of your soul into madness...

Viewer agrees to hold Jabo and, it's subsidieries and yadda, yadda… blameless for the ten years I've been drawing this crap. Yeah… thats right… 10 frickin' years! You think I spend a whole lotta time working on this? Take a look at it and yer eyes'll burn with the daffy perspectives, the amatuer gradients, and the chicken scrawl lettering. Then you'll pour over the wretched dreck I've scrivened up and your mind jellifies with the grammatical and spelling errors I have done. Can you feel the bulging in your lower neck as you try to scare up anything funny. Anything. Your sweaty palms grip the end of your desk as your bloodshot eyes scan the screen for one bat's spit worth of humor, one spider hair of a chuckle. A chill envelops you as the palpitations grow and you realize that it will never end. Whether it's HTML 3.0 or XML 1.0 Transitional… it's time for another infernal cartoon.

Just click the HALLO10 logo below to start the fun-packed thrill ride of this Halloween 2010 cartoon (now with commentary by the Ghosts of Pumpkins Past)! You has been warned… AGAIN!