Sunset and woodpecker 5_12_19

Tonight’s sunset and an evening woodpecker.

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Coopers Hawk 5_9_19

Thursday evening, Joan was surprised by a knock on her window. When she looked up, she saw a hawk flying past. It was chasing a finch and the poor bird flew into the window and died. The hawk sat on the garden wall nearby and hemmed and hawed for 30 minutes before it flew in and grabbed the poor finch. Looking at these photos we figured out it was a Coopers Hawk which we’ve regularly seen flying by.

Hawks along with owls are great aerial predators that rid us of rats and mice. So please, please, please DON’T use poison to kill rodents because it also kills these wonderful birds.

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Cloud Timelapse 5_7_18

Nice storm brewing over the mountains.

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Chaco Canyon 4_19_19 part 3

My birthday visit to Pueblo del Arroyo, Casa Rinconada and other areas of Chaco Canyon.

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Tonight’s timelapse sunset 5_5_19

And a contrail!
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A timelapse cloud interlude

Cumulus clouds.

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Happy Birthday Dave!

As kids… he showed me how to build forts out of our bed covers and convinced me to scale the furniture in our room like the Matterhorn (not sure that was a good idea). He taught me to ride a bike at the parking lot of the church at the bottom of Las Vegas Drive. In Scouts… he saved me from my Tenderfoot cooking-a-burger-on-a rock disaster. He took me to my first rock concert… CSNY at Jeppesen Stadium. He even inspired me to play the guitar after I spied him finger picking a simple arpeggio and I’ve been playing ever since (47 years).

Best bro a kid could have. Happy Birthday!

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Chaco Canyon 4_18_19 part 2

The second Great House we visited was Chetro Ketl, located near Pueblo Bonito. Another amazing place!

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Chaco Canyon 4_18_ 2019, Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito is the largest of the Great Pueblos of Chaco Canyon. It was also occupied continuously throughout the history of the Chaco culture, from about 900 AD to the late 1100’s AD. The builders descendants are the Pueblo tribes in New Mexico and Arizona, as well as the Zuni and Hopis.

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Turning 60

I turned 60 at Chaco Canyon, NM today and watched the nearly full Moon rise up above the cliffs on the night before… along with my Joan.

This is why I’m glad to be 60.

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