BNSF in Bellingham, WA

For those of you who enjoy 3 and a half minutes of empty coal cars rumbling by.

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Thanksgiving 2021

A few of the things I’m thankful for this year. And that includes all my friends and family reading this blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lunar Eclipse 11_18_21

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Final Fall October colors

Scattering of shots from home, Galisteo and Olympia, along with the famous Zarkermobile.

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Clouds and sunset 11_3_21

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20th Annual Halloween cartoon

The 20th Annual Halloween Cartoon has now arrived just a tad bit late but, hey… it is Dias de las Muertas. It’s even getting dark! Settle back in your favorite electric chair and enjoy the pulse pounding terror. If you have a pulse that is!

And find past cartoons deep in the bowels of the internet (or my web site, I never can tell the difference). As ever, enter at your own risk.

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Harvest Moon 10_19_21

A day before full.

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Galisteo Studio Tour 10_17_21

Artists in the small village of Galisteo had their annual studio tour. We go for the Fall colors along the Galisteo Creek. Day ends with a nice Fall color sunset!

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Aspens 10_7_21

Our hike up the Aspen Vista trail.

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Sunset 10_9_21

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