Storm clouds 1_18_23

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Birds etc. 1_10_23

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Past and present photos.

Some final shots from 2022 and one for the new year.

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Bosque del Apache NWR

Another year and another cold morning watching the sandhill cranes, snow and canadian geese and other assorted birds.

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Let it snow!

Two storms passed through this month to leave a trace of snow here and hopefully lots more in the mountains. Hoping for more in the New Year!

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Christmas Eve 2022

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Christmas cards

This is my annual notice to all friends and family regarding my Christmas cards. If you would like to get a card AND I know you personally (not just a facebook friend, blog lurker, etc) send me your address. If you got a card last year and haven’t moved, you’re good. If not, let me know. And I always appreciate a card in return!

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Post turkey post.

From the Thanksgiving weekend, here are shots of my spirit peak, the waxing moon, our pumpkins before they left for the old folk’s home and a group of evening grosbeaks that we don’t often see.

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Lamy Day of the Dead

Photos of the Lamy Day of the Dead celebration on 10/30. Posted Nov. 22… Mike’s BDay!

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Snow 11_14_22

Another round of snow and an answer to a mystery. For the last few weeks, a large hole has appeared under our bird feeder. Same place, same size. Our neighbors spotted a badger a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d put out the game camera to see if I could catch the wild excavator. It wasn’t a badger.

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