Stormy sunset 7_9_24

We were probably underneath some atmospheric turmoil where these spectacular clouds were building in time for the setting sun to light them up!

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Rail and Arroyo Hondo Open Space trails

Getting out and about while thee weather was cool.

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Gardens and wildlife 7_24

Our small raised bed greenhouse has been a great success. We now regularly have delicious salads and the tomatos are beginning to come in. The nearby birdhouse was host to a pair of western bluebirds and a pair of coyotes wandered by one afternoon looking for dinner.

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Fourth of July sunset snd fireworks

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End of June sunsets

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Vladem / Palace of the Governors Sunday 6_22

We decided to visit the newly opened Vladem Contemporary and found some nice art and good views from the roof. After that we walked downtown to the Palace of the Governors on the plaza to see an exhibit of the art of Peter Aschwanden. Peter illustrated the famous How to Keep Your Volkswagon Alive manual, and I was lucky to meet him when I worked for John Muir Publications years ago. I was in an exhibition about comics and cartoons where he was also showing his work. His motto was, “Don’t set your valves too tight”.

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Prairie dogs at sunset 6_22_24

Local critters take a break from digging up every square inch of our property to admire the nice sunset (actually, I think they were looking out for coyotes).

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Solstice and (almost) Strawberry Moon

A strong storm moved through last evening, so I wasn’t able to photograph the full Strawberry Moon. We did get a welcome half inch of rain though and I did get some nice shots on the Solstice of the nearly full Moon through the clouds.

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Bull Snake 6_24

A young bull snake is patrolling the neighborhood. I’m hoping it won’t find the bird’s nest out on the portal!

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Happy Caterday!

Maisey has been here for 4 months and has adapted (and gotten more chonky).

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