Eldo Preserve hike 5_28_20

Hike on Trail 201.

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Joy Division New Mexico


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River study.

I love watching the creeks as the water bubbles and swirls on its way downstream. Here are some closer looks at the Winsor and Big Tesuque creeks from our last hike in the mountains.

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Moth and bluebird.

A couple of critters spotted over the last week.

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Memorial Day

Photos of Dad during WWII.

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Hike 5_20_2-0

We get a head start on Memorial Day and hike up near the Santa Fe Ski basin.

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Bull snake’s lunch

Warning: not for the squeamish. Joan noticed a rather large bull snake under the junipers near our raised beds. We watched it searching around until it darted and we heard a squeal. It quickly rolled into a coil and we saw that a small furry was caught. It wasn’t long before lunch was over and the snake was back on the prowl.

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Owl enjoying the sunset 5_18_20

As usual, I was photographing the evening’s sunset when this great horned owl flew into a nearby tree. We both sat for a long while watching the twilight colors until he rose up and silently flew away.

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Sunset in the garden 5_17_20

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Feathery cirrus clouds 5_14_20

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