Santa Fe Fuego baseball 6_19_21

Part of the Pecos League, the Santa Fe Fuego play their home games at the Fort Marcy Ballpark and this evening faced the Tucson Sagueros for a 12 to 11 win. The league is independent of MLB, has been around in various iterations since 2011 and the 14 teams stretch from Garden City, Kansas to Wasco, CA. The players are unpaid (whenever a Fuego player hits a home run, they pass the hat for him) and the upcoming All-Star game here in Santa Fe will not be having a home run derby because baseballs are too expensive.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Looking at this photo, you can see what kind of outdoorsman Dad was. I mean… who wears patent leather shoes and dress slacks to go fishing? Still, he managed to teach us boys how to fish and judging from this catch, did a pretty good job. Thanks Dad.

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Marls 6_15_21

Hanging out while I watch the Giants.

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Cloud and sunset 6_15_21

An odd lone stratocumulus cloud from a previous evening dissipated into a wispy ghost of a cloud. And a nice though narrow sunset from a later evening.

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Sunset 6_10_21

A nice sunset time lapse from last evening.

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Cloud medley for Labor Day weekend 2021

I’ve been meaning to post this collection of cloud formations from a few weeks back. Thanks to my membership in the Cloud Appreciation Society, I’m now able to mis-identify more clouds than before! Hopefully, I’m not too far off. The video is a collection of time lapse shots of clouds forming over the Sangres and rolling out over the Rio Grande Valley.

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Sunsets and time lapse, June 6th and 7th

Smoke from the fires in Southern Arizona and New Mexico is making its way up here. The clouds pictured isn’t smoke (except for the last shot); however, the sky gets a redder cast from the particulate. Sadly, the air is terrible to breathe in the morning when the smoke is close to the surface.

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Today is the 77th anniversary Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of France on the beaches of Normandy. The view from the LST is probably one that Dad experienced on Bougainville less than a year earlier in the South Pacific. All those served and those who gave their lives… worked to defeat a fascist regime built on lies and hate.

Something to remember during our current days.

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Big Tesuque Creek 6_3_21

Our regular pilgrimage up to the Ski Basin and hiking the Aspen Vista trail. I have an enormous number of photos from all the same spots on the trail… but it’s one of our favorite places to relax and enjoy the falling water. It’s nice to see the change from last year’s tent worm infestation that defoliated all the aspens! Also including a falling water stream relaxation video at no charge ! !

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Sunset 6_2_21

A fiery sunset that I caught the tail end of for a photo and time lapse.

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