Snow 11_30_23

November ends with a blast of much needed moisture. Snowed about 4 inches; enough to cover up our surviving pumpkin! More is on the way.

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Beaver Moon (and pumpkin)

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Cirrus and cumulus timelapse 11_20_23

High wispy cirrus clouds and the puffy popcorn cumulus clouds building up over the Sangres. For your Thanksgiving entertainment!

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Waxing crescent Moon

And a nice time lapse of the clouds passing underneath.

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Sunset and first snow 11_10_23

Evening before the storm sunset with the longhorn herd passin’ by and our first snowfall of the year the next morning! The pumpkins are looking a bit tired and cold!

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Paseo del Bosque Trail 10_8_23

Our semi-annual bike ride along the Rio Grande. Still lots of color along the trail and the weather was perfect despite a forecast of high winds.

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¡Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

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The Annual Halloween Cartoon 2023

It’s that super scary time of the year. No, not the war in the Ukraine, the war in the Middle-East, the war in Yemen, the war against Democracy, the War on Drugs or all those other wars going on. It’s Halloween! And another of my annual bone-chilling cartoons; HALLO23, is now up and haunting the HTML. Guaranteed to make you shiver (or maybe just shake your head). Just click the image below.

As always enter at your own risk. But if it’s a real scare you’re looking for, you can just read today’s paper.

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Galisteo Fall colors 10_28_23

A visit to the little village of Galisteo, just south of our home. Most of the Fall color is now to the South of us.

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Cold front clouds 10_29_23

What looked like a calm fog on the Sangres, turned out to be a sign of atmospheric instability. In this case, a big cold front is moving through, giving us our first hard freeze of the year.

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