Sunset 11_24_20

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Sunset 11_23-20

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Robin’s bath

Now I know why the birdbath has been emptying at a rapid rate lately.

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This evening’s waxing crescent moon 11_17_20

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Pair of Evening Grosbeaks at the bath

This couple was even more aggressive than the Robins about drinking undisturbed.

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The neighborhoods who say Ni

Looking through our photos from past travels and found this one taken June, 2014 near Oxford, UK. Made me feel all ikeee ikeee fataaang.

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Clouds and sunset.

Really interesting clouds on our walks these last few days. And a nice sunset to top it off.

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Marl’s timeout.

He’s either tired of the coup news or just goofy (all trends point to the latter).

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Final pumpkins and waning moon 11_5_20

Pretty much sums up the end of 2020?

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Victory! 11_7_20

I was getting the mail and saw this sunset, which seems apropos for my current feeling of elation. 2020 is ending on a good note after all.

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