Happy Caterday!

Maisey has been here for 4 months and has adapted (and gotten more chonky).

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Clouds 6_11_24

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Townsend’s Solitaire Nest

Earlier this month, we noticed a new nest under the portal that I assumed was made by the House Finches. I soon saw the bird fly out and after many photos, determined it was a pair of Townsend Solitaires (aka flycatchers). Hopefully, this brood won’t disappear like the unfortunate thrashers and we’ll soon have a big family eating up all the mosquitos!

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Rain! 6_9_24

A huge cumulonimbus storm cloud formed over the Sangres and signaled a long day and night of welcome gentle rain. I also spotted an interesting shadow made by a contrail. Finally, a short movie of a dust devil highlighted by the setting sun. 1.5” of rain when all was said and done!

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More critters 6_5_24

A pregnant thrasher and a tiny white-lined sphinx moth showed up this evening in our little courtyard garden.

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Critters and clouds 6_3_24

It’s late Spring and the higher temperatures mean the last of the brightly colored western tanagers feeding on the oranges we leave out. We found a large Achemon Sphinx Moth (a relation to the smaller sphinx moths that are abundant in the garden) hiding in the vines. Finally, some shots of the smoky clouds from the Indios Fire up North near Coyote, NM.

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Clouds, virga and sunset 5_29_24

Roiling cumulonimbus clouds over the Sangres, virga and a sunset time lapse to close out May.

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First bloom and sunset 5_18_24

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Rainbow and sunset 5_16_24

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Sunset 5_12_24

Mothers Day sunset.

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