Sunset 1_23_21

Storm is moving in and the clouds are moving fast.

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Galisteo Basin Preserve hike 1_22_21

Getting out in Nature before next week’s storms arrive.

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Sunset 1_21_21

This afternoon’s cloud patterns were looking like it would be a spectacular sunset, so I loaded up the gear and drove out to the nearby Galisteo Basin Preserve and found a nice hill to set up on. Sadly, the clouds began to disappear as the sun went down. Still got some nice shots though. Then I got a nice one from the driveway and one of the lights of Los Alamos from the portal. Sometimes you can’t beat stayin’ put.

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Inauguration 1_20_21

I enjoyed Biden’s speech and I thought it struck the perfect tone for his new presidency. But for me… Amanda Gorman’s poem was the highlight. It was an amazing, uplifting and inspiring end to the ceremony.

It ushers in the return of verse, music, and the light of all the other creative arts that have been sadly missing from our Capital of late. And that makes me the happiest and most full of hope on this Inauguration Day.

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Brand new day 1_20_21

So… how’s everybody feeling today?

Ooooohhhh… and a nice sunset to boot!

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Covid-19 1_19_21

I got a little choked up to see this evening’s ceremonial recognition of what this pandemic (that has now claimed 400,000 lives) has cost us.

The awful right-wing lie that Covid is a hoax and that exhausted doctors, nurses and health care workers working in over-flowing hospitals are faking it… no longer has a voice from the White House.

It’s a very sad, yet euphoric prelude to the Inauguration tomorrow.

Our small contribution

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Sunset and clouds 1_19_21

A nice pre-Inaugural sunset and time-lapse of interesting standing cumulus clouds over the Sangres.

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Tschicoma Peak pre-storm 1_18_21

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A wake up call.

Wise words from Matthew Cooke goin’ round the inter-tubes lately ( Via.

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Sunset 1_16_21

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