Marls 5_1_21

Marls has taken up hanging out above my mouse pad because it’s that much easier to get a scratch. Old age has its perks.

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Timelapse sunset 5_1_21

Forgot to post this one earlier. Sunset with evening jets heading in to ABQ.

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Rain… glorious rain! 5_3_21

After months of “exceptional drought”, we finally had a break with a nice storm that passed through. Got about a half inch… and a nice sunset to boot!

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Our first hummer

Naturally, a second black chinned hummingbird came along shortly after… to fight over the feeder. Summer is begining early!

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Florida 4_21, Family and Art

My last collection of Florida photos. This batch includes our Florida family with art created by our Niece Ana, along with the natural art of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

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Florida 4_21, Scenery

You want more vacation photos? Never fear… I got plenty more to come. A few nice sunsets in this batch.

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Sanibel Island, Florida 4_21

Our first trip out after getting vaccinated. Decided to visit family in Florida and see the Gulf waters on Sanibel Island for my 62nd year of inception! Here are the various critters we saw along the way.

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Timelapse sunset 4_14_21

Clouds are a welcome sight but precipitation would be better.

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Easter sunset timelapse 4_4_21

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Sunset 4_2_21

Good Friday sunset and timelapse.

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