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Night sky time lapse 9_25_19

As I was checking the exposure with a test shot, I got a photo of the red and white blinking lights of a flight heading into ABQ airport (Albuquerque is the source of the light on the bottom right of … Continue reading

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Sunset 9_24_19

A nice afternoon cloud formation and sunset to start the Fall season.

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Last Hollyhock

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Blackhawks and balloons 9_18_19.

Blackhawk helicopters flying over and a weather balloon drifts by.

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Bobcats 9_19_19!

So this needs a bit of a set-up. Bobcats are all over our neck of the woods but we rarely see them. Yesterday, Joan looked up from her work and saw 2 Bobcat kittens trot by her porch door and … Continue reading

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Sunset 9_14_19

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Critter collection 9_17_19

Catching up on the last few days photos of the local birds and bugs stopping by the garden.

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Holy Ghost creek 9_9_19

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Sunset 9_11_19

Includes the Moon and “anticrepuscular rays”!

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Birthday hike 9_9_19

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