Bobcats 9_19_19!

So this needs a bit of a set-up. Bobcats are all over our neck of the woods but we rarely see them. Yesterday, Joan looked up from her work and saw 2 Bobcat kittens trot by her porch door and off into the trees, gone before she could get a photo. At little earlier, I heard the PiƱon Jays making a huge racket in the nearby trees and I turned on the camera video to record the cacophony.

Today, I was looking at the video and notice the faint images of a mother and her 2 kittens walking down the trail. The first picture highlights where to look and the video includes a close-up. Not the best quality but exciting for us none the less. Hopefully, they will be back.

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  1. Dave Damrel says:

    Really cool!

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