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Clouds and Moon 8_23_20

Smoke clears every once in awhile and we get glimpses of the clear atmosphere. Otherwise, there isn’t much to photograph.

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Smokey sunset 8_21_20

A semi-smoky sunset followed by a thick layer of smoke all day. I feel for the fire fighters that have to breathe this (and deal with the scorching temps). Time for a Green New Deal…NOW!

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Medio Fire 8_20

A fire; likely caused by lightning and dry conditions, has ignited just North of Santa Fe up along the Rio en Medio, a beautiful steam that flows out of the Sangres and through Tesuque on its way to the Rio … Continue reading

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Late August critter extravaganza

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Timelapse sunset 8_16_20

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Persied timelapse 8_11_20

Lots of planes but no persieds : (

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August sunsets

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Sunset 8_8_20

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Coyote 8_8_20

Lookin’ for some prairie dogs in the greenbelt.

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Sunsets and flowers 8_6_20

Some color and timelapses to start your weekend!

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