O. M. G.

So how are we all feeling this morning. Fresh and dewy eyed with abundant optimism? Or exhausted from a heaping pile of PTSD after an evening of abuse? Trump’s debate tactic was supposed to be a strategy of “coming out swinging”, but instead was a display of barking mad dementia. Biden will take away our cows? Forest countries? Stand back and stand by? The Logan Act? So much cray packed into a 90 minute zee.

Debates don’t really change minds. Polls change very little after them. It isn’t important who “won” this debacle. The next ones won’t go any better (although I do like the suggestion that anyone who speaks out of turn… has his voice digitally raised several octaves).

Negativism tends to instill apathy and even fear. Who wants to vote if its gonna be a war zone? There is also the silly “both sides do it” refrain that should now be laid to rest. Trump has lost his mind and the support of most American voters. Now he has to go all terror, all the time and turn off voters.

He will fail. The sham he has built is crumbling. And the final stake through it will be our vote. Make sure you are registered and vote early if possible. Make sure you fill out your ballot fully and properly. Make sure everyone you know is doing the same.

Use vote.org to check your polling place if you intend to vote in person, use iwillvote.com to find your registration status and early voting info or check out votingworks.us if you don’t think your vote counts.

Remember it’s the little things in life that can lead to a full and happy mental recovery.

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