O. M. G. (part wtf!)

During this latest crisis, I think we need to remember to be better persons, not take pleasure in other’s misfortunes and hope for a full and speedy recov… awww… who am I kidding.

While there is a little voice in the back of my head saying, “careful what you wish for” (thanks Mom)… I’m experiencing a post-Christmas Ghosts giddiness that even the “Trump’s secret plan to steal the election” speculation doesn’t harsh. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

My 2 cents is that the news cycle for at least the next week, will be laser focused on reporting all the new cases attributed to President Zero, along with what the White House knew and when. The contact tracing alone will probably reveal some pretty interesting connections.

Not a good vibe for a campaign that wanted to divert attention away from its massive (and now viral) incompetence. The greatest blessing will be the merciful silence and empty rallies. The sad truth is this headline is only a spark in the explosion of cases going on across America.

Will this serve as some miracle 180 where our leadership will emerge with empathy and a steely resolve to do whatever it takes to turn the tide of infections? It’s more likely to see an aerial formation of potbellies than any metamorphosis of someone so oily and so malevolent.

The most important point still is and has always been… to GET OUT AND VOTE! And wash your hands, stay 6ft. apart and wear that mask while you are out celebrating this weekend.

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