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I’m Free !

Got my second Moderna shot today and I’m feelin’ stoked. Get vaccinated and you too can grimace!

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Full Worm Moon 3_28_21

Supposedly signifying the Spring re-awakening of earthworms. I know that our compost’s red wigglers seem to be unfrozen!

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Clouds and sunset 3_26_21

A small storm is moving through and the Sangres are looking very moody this evening.

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March Madness 2021

Every year, I spend more time photo-shopping my bracket than actually making intelligent picks. Seriously Texas…

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St. Paddy’s Day Snow 3_17_21

Woke up to a nice coat of wet snow. All gone by lunchtime!

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Sunset 3_11_21

On top of tonight’s inspiring speech by our new President, we were having a wonderful sunset to go with it!

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Nightlife 3_8_21

Put out the game camera for the neighbors to see what’s been digging around their property and caught this dog. Hopefully it’s getting its share of rats and mice.

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On the Santa Fe Trail 3_4_21

Our drive from Eldo up to Trinidad, Colorado… we passed by the Philmont Scout Camp. It was here as a Boy Scout in ’74 and ’76, I hiked over 100 miles, summited mountain peaks over 12k ft, learned how to … Continue reading

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Full Moon 2_27_21

Forgot I took some snaps of the moon last Saturday so I’m putting them up now. Luckily, I have Marls to help get in the way!

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