Memorial Day 2021

In the vast history of WWII, little is written about contribution of the United States Naval Reserve Waves. Mom enlisted after she graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1943. She then graduated from the Naval Midshipman’s School at Northhampton, MA as an Ensign and was assigned to the 12th Naval District in San Francisco, CA. Her job was to run messages between each department… she was even trained to use a pistol! Dad was her boss and they married soon after the end of the war.

This Memorial Day post is for all the women who served in the Waves, Wacs, as Nurses and others… who get little credit for the sacrifice and contributions they’ve made during wartime.

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  1. annyrbg says:

    We thank her for her service. There was a Memorial Day Special on PBS that put women and the sacrifices they made in various wars front and center. It was great and long overdue.

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