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Ozomatli 7_27_21

Listened to the free concert on the Santa Fe plaza given by Ozomatli and then up to the rooftop bar at La Fonda for some $12 margaritas. Nice views of roof ductwork, the Jemez Mt.s and the Loretto Chapel.

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… and Rain! 7_21

Finally had a big downpour last week that gave us about 2 inches. After, I hiked over the greenbelt to try to find spadefoot toads which come out after the rains to party. I can always hear them but I … Continue reading

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Clouds 7_21

A variety of cloud shots and a timelapse from earlier this month.

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Finch Update: Chicks! 7_25_21

In a previous post, we put up a box to help the house finches make a nest. They made a nest that finally didn’t blow out of the portal. Since then, we’ve been worried about the 4 eggs they laid… … Continue reading

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Smokey sunset 7_11_21

Smoke from all the fires out West are wrapping around the High pressure and streaming down into New Mexico. Makes for a red sunset, bad air and another all-to-often smokey situation.

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Finch nests and ravens 7_5_21

We have finches nesting in the new portal who now have a nest thanks to Joan’s ingenuity! Later, a trio of raucous ravens stopped by to be filmed (plainly demonstrating my shakiness in wildlife film documentation). They were interested in … Continue reading

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Early July sunsets, clouds and RAIN!

Including a Kelvin-Helmholtz Fluctus cloud (see picture descriptions)!

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Pecos National Historic Park geology walk 7_2_21

Today, I went to one of the many guided walks at one of my favorite spots, the Pecos National Historic Park, the site of the Pecos Pueblo ruins. This tour covered the geology of the area and how that influenced … Continue reading

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