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Pyrocumulus clouds 6_13_22

Days of red flag weather produced an explosion in the West side of the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire. Due to inaccessibility for crews and lots of fuel, the fire is moving quickly into our beloved Pecos Wilderness. Thankfully a monsoon … Continue reading

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Rain 6_19_22

Finally! Almost 3 inches so far and more forecast.

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Happy Father’s Day

Here’s to all the Dad’s who gave their kids military buzzcuts!

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Sunset and moonrise 6_13_22

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Lizard Sex!

Found these two going at it right out in the open. They are New Mexico Whiptail lizards and they’re the official State of New Mexico reptile. They’re parthenogenic; that is… there are only females and they don’t require males to … Continue reading

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Piñon shoots and cones 6_22

Our piñon trees are lousy with pine cones and new shoots. Glad to see these old trees are hanging on despite the drought.

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Sunset and cloud medley 5_27 – 6_3_22

A shot of a rare Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud, a waxing Moon sunset, two timelapse sunsets, a timelapse of virga and today’s moisture timelapse (before the impending drying trend). And all because I didn’t feel like making separate posts. Enjoy!

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Memorial Day 2022

Dad conducting a class at the Naval base in Port Huenemie, CA, circa 1953. After his stint in the South Pacific during WWII, Dad was an instructor during the Korean War. While we celebrate those who gave their lives, don’t … Continue reading

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Thoughts & Prayers

A collection of Republicans (and a couple of Democrats) who will be very, very concerned about this latest, tragic mass shooting of school children. Click photos for details.

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Sunsets 5_19_22

A few sunsets from last week. More enjoyable now that the smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire in the Jemez Mt.s is dissipating. Fingers crossed for rain tomorrow.

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