July 28, 1974

48 (ulp) years ago, my older brother’s date canceled and he decided to take me along to my very first ever real rock concert. The acts were Jesse Colin Young, the Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I was 15 and was blown away by the whole thing. We missed Jesse and were walking into the stadium when the Beach Boys were playing Help Me Rhonda, maybe half way through their set. They rocked.

CSNY was amazing with the harmonies and thundering guitars. I was especially drawn to Neil playing Cinnamon Girl, Everybody Knows this is Nowhere and Ohio. The big white Gretsch he played has always been imprinted in my memory and inspired my guitar playing. There were other new inspirations but I’ll keep those to myself!

I stumbled upon all of this history after a friend sent a link to Neil Young’s website and it got me thinking about the last time I saw him in concert. I realized this concert was the first and last time I saw him. Thanks to the web site RockinHouston.com, I found photos of that event (and a few others from my early concert days). I gotta thank my brother Dave for hauling his kid brother to his first live rock n’ roll experience.

Photos from RockinHouston.com

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  1. Jim Babcock says:

    Admission, an outlandish $7.50!