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Spring Critters 4_30_24

Now that the temperatures are getting warmer, we’re seeing the wildlife beginning to appear. Along with the bothersome prairie dogs, we have our first black-chinned hummingbird and a new batch of thrasher hatchlings in a nearby cholla cactus.

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Sun 4_28_24

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Sunset 4_23_24

The evening sunset along with a timelapse of the past evenings show and a rising moon.

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Trip to Tinkertown 4_19_24

For the birthday expedition, we had lunch at the San Marcos Cafe and Feedstore and then continued down 14 through Golden, NM and visited the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park, New Mexico. It is the creation of Ross Ward who … Continue reading

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Galisteo Cemetery 4_13_24

Another tour with our out of state friends to the little town of Galisteo and its cemetery.

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New Mexico favorites 4_11_24

Good friends arrived from the East Coast and we took them to two of our favorite places, Quarai and the Pecos National Historical Park (previously on the blog here and here). Weather was lovely and thankfully, the wind wasn’t roaring. … Continue reading

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Tschicoma Peak, cirrus clouds and a timelapse of our last storm.

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Eclipse 4_8_24

The eclipse was about 73% here but cloudy skies made it pretty fuzzy and at its peak, impossible to see. Only 20 years until the next one (unless we go to Iceland in 2026).

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An Easter Miracle!

The tortillas usually don’t get no respect.

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