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Birds etc. 1_10_23

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Past and present photos.

Some final shots from 2022 and one for the new year.

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Bosque del Apache NWR

Another year and another cold morning watching the sandhill cranes, snow and canadian geese and other assorted birds.

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Post turkey post.

From the Thanksgiving weekend, here are shots of my spirit peak, the waxing moon, our pumpkins before they left for the old folk’s home and a group of evening grosbeaks that we don’t often see.

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Election Day collection 11_8_22

Odds and ends, sunsets and birds that have been collecting on the desktop.

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Critter cornucopia in September

A thirsty bobcat came by for a drink at the bird bath, piñon jays are fighting over sunflower seeds, a finch enjoyed the sprinklers and a badger (sighted by our neighbor) has been excavating our driveway.

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A visit from a cooper’s hawk 8_14_22

He was very interested in the cornucopia of finches that were squawking from the nearby tree.

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July birds

The humingbird fights are heating up despite plenty of feeders. A small gang of piñon jays are stopping by along with five new house finches.

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Birds, flowers and more smoke…

More smoke billowing over the mountains. Also… our first Iris bloom for 2022 and a shot of a passing Raven. Finally, another timelapse of the pyrocumulus (or flammagenitus cumulus) clouds from Casa Jabo.

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Piñon Jays in the snow!

They’re back in force after last night’s snow. They also seem to be in greater numbers. Not only at our feeder but in the trees. And then they all take off on cue; very much like the snow geese at … Continue reading

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