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Hummingbirds 5_11_21

A pair of male Black Chinned Hummingbirds are sharing our feeder without incessant fighting. Things are dry.

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Our first hummer

Naturally, a second black chinned hummingbird came along shortly after… to fight over the feeder. Summer is begining early!

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Sanibel Island, Florida 4_21

Our first trip out after getting vaccinated. Decided to visit family in Florida and see the Gulf waters on Sanibel Island for my 62nd year of inception! Here are the various critters we saw along the way.

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Spring critter cavalcade 4_2_21

Now that things are warming up, lots of critters are coming out.

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Winter storm 2_16_21

A good 2 – 3 inches so far and it’s still snowing lightly. Lots of birds at the feeder and bird bath. A welcome storm for us in New Mexico but those in Texas suffering with Arctic cold and power … Continue reading

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Christmas finch 12_22_20

Hanging out in the lights in our portal, keepin’ warm and pooping up a storm on our stoop.

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Robin’s bath

Now I know why the birdbath has been emptying at a rapid rate lately.

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Pair of Evening Grosbeaks at the bath

This couple was even more aggressive than the Robins about drinking undisturbed.

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Autumn colors and critters 10_19_20

The Fall colors are coming out in the neighborhood along with the usual critter migration.

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Critters 9_20

Ravens, hummers and our first Tarantula sighting at Jabo Casa… and a coyote pup.

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