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Along the Rio Grande 10_22_23

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South Carolina 9_2023

Took a wonderful trip to see good friends in Greenville, South Carolina and were treated to the many beautiful tree covered mountains and gurgling streams. Nice to get a dose of green (and the cool temperatures and low humidity made … Continue reading

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Coyotes 9_5_23

Coyote couple and pup (not pictured) have been hanging out in the greenbelt

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Holy Ghost Creek 9_1_23

Took a bumpy drive up to Holy Ghost campground to have lunch and relax at our favorite area, Holy Ghost Creek. Nice weather, a fine lunch and even a visit by a small bat looking for its lunch. Also made … Continue reading

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Big Tesuque Creek 7_6_23

Our first visit to our favorite water spot. The woods were nice and cool and the water was flowing nicely. A nice respite from the hot temperatures in the valley below. And a nice video of the rushing creek to … Continue reading

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Tschicoma Peak

Two views of my favorite mountain.

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Post turkey post.

From the Thanksgiving weekend, here are shots of my spirit peak, the waxing moon, our pumpkins before they left for the old folk’s home and a group of evening grosbeaks that we don’t often see.

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Election Day collection 11_8_22

Odds and ends, sunsets and birds that have been collecting on the desktop.

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Taos and Arroyo Seco 9_22

Drove up the High Road to Taos, hiked the Santa Barbara River, and visited Taos and nearby Arroyo Seco.

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Norski Trail hike 8_31_22

We went up to the Ski Basin for a hike at the Norski Trail and then had lunch at our favorite creek, Big Tesuque. Almost chilly and lush with all of the rain. The creek was gushing.

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