Sunset 7_5_22

Just got a new polarizing filter for the camera and it does make my cloud and sunset shots more vivid. Things are drying out now so less evening color until the monsoon returns.

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Rio en Medio hike 6_29_22

Took advantage of a break in the wet weather to visit the Rio en Medio up near the Santa Fe Ski Basin. Very green and lots of water in the stream.

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Fourth of July 2022

The sphinx moths are about as close to fireworks as I will get today.

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Pecos National Historic Park 6_26_22

Now that the fire has diminished, we went back to PNHP for a quick tour.

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Lots of moisture brings beautiful clouds. Low morning clouds after a long night’s rain look like smoke from a fire while the timelapse shows how quick the building storm clouds can evaporate.

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Pyrocumulus clouds 6_13_22

Days of red flag weather produced an explosion in the West side of the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire. Due to inaccessibility for crews and lots of fuel, the fire is moving quickly into our beloved Pecos Wilderness. Thankfully a monsoon pattern has arrived to give us rain.

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Rain 6_19_22

Finally! Almost 3 inches so far and more forecast.

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Happy Father’s Day

Here’s to all the Dad’s who gave their kids military buzzcuts!

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Sunset and moonrise 6_13_22

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Lizard Sex!

Found these two going at it right out in the open. They are New Mexico Whiptail lizards and they’re the official State of New Mexico reptile. They’re parthenogenic; that is… there are only females and they don’t require males to reproduce. So females mate with other females, the natural kingdom’s version of gay sex (they are nicknamed “lesbian lizards”). There’s also biting involved judging from the photo.

Whiptails will burrow and lay up to 4 eggs that hatch in 8 weeks or so. They can run like the wind and get up on their back to legs for maximum speed. There’s an abundance of these gals around and I’m always dodging them when I’m walking or riding my bike.

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