Nightlife 3_8_21

Put out the game camera for the neighbors to see what’s been digging around their property and caught this dog. Hopefully it’s getting its share of rats and mice.

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On the Santa Fe Trail 3_4_21

Our drive from Eldo up to Trinidad, Colorado… we passed by the Philmont Scout Camp. It was here as a Boy Scout in ’74 and ’76, I hiked over 100 miles, summited mountain peaks over 12k ft, learned how to backpack, camp, deal with bears and totally enjoy the outdoors. For all the crap the BSA is responsible for… this is one place that has done a lot of good.

Sadly, due to the storm, I was not able to see the Tooth of Time!

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Full Moon 2_27_21

Forgot I took some snaps of the moon last Saturday so I’m putting them up now. Luckily, I have Marls to help get in the way!

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Sunset 2_24_21

A cloud bank from an approaching storm is providing a nice canvas for this evening’s sunset. The sunlight is always interesting when it’s channeled between the low clouds and the horizon.

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Sunset 2_18_21

Last evening’s sunset provided a nice pink glow to the Sangres.

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Timelapse Winter clouds 2_17_21

Another storm is getting ready to come on in and the clouds over the Sangres are roiling!

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Snow and sunset 1_16_21 pt. 2

The sun broke out in the afternoon as the storm was moving out and it’s always nice with the crisp colors against the snow. Also had a short but vivid sunset.

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Winter storm 2_16_21

A good 2 – 3 inches so far and it’s still snowing lightly. Lots of birds at the feeder and bird bath. A welcome storm for us in New Mexico but those in Texas suffering with Arctic cold and power blackouts, not so much. Stay warm!

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Storm 2_13_21

Big Winter storm coming in! Let’s hope it brings lots of moisture.

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Contrail and sunset 2_9_21

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