Timelapse Clouds

Thanks to Ragi !

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Sunset clouds 7_20_20

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The monsoons are back 7_18_20!

After several weeks of record heat (high 90’s to 100’s), we got a nice big storm this evening. Rain, rainbows, an orange sunset glow due to the low clouds, raindrops on the window and spectacular lightning.

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Clouds 7_17_20

And a helicopter with a fire bucket (hopefully in training).

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John Lewis 7_17_20

He was assaulted, jailed and severely beaten for his advocacy as a Freedom Rider… but he never gave up the fight. Ever.

Godspeed and Good Trouble.

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Clouds 7_14_20

The monsoons have returned and it was nice to see the cumulus clouds build up to the anvil clouds and then disappear into wisps of remaining clouds in the sunset.

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Fire and flowers

So the post from July 5th is confirmed. Someone was shooting off fireworks and started a brush fire in our neighboring greenbelt. Those living nearby said the flames were huge and the speed of the fire was rapid. Thanks to our volunteer fire department for their quick work in putting it out. I walked by later to record the damage. There was also new blooms coming up elsewhere so Nature is always at work despite stupid idiots with matches.

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More Neowise 7_9_20

A few more shots from the next morning’s viewing.

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C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) comet was only just discovered in March 2020 by the NEOWISE space telescope. You have until the end of July to see it… but its traveling away from Earth so the sooner the better (I’m including a chart).

You can find it rising in the NNE morning sky around 4:30 a.m. near the constellation of Auriga and its brightest star Capella (check here for more info). It can be hard to see but with a clear sky it’s observable.

It won’t be back for another 6800 years so get out and take a look! And remember that light pollution makes these celestial events harder to see.

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Sunset 7_6_20

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