Xmas Card 2020

For all those naughty folks who didn’t get one, Happy Holidays!

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Sunset mish-mash 12_23_20

This evening’s sunset, a lunar close-up and a coyote close by.

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Christmas finch 12_22_20

Hanging out in the lights in our portal, keepin’ warm and pooping up a storm on our stoop.

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Winter solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 12_21_20

Jupiter is the larger, brighter object. Next conjunction this close will be in about 375 years. Can’t wait!

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Sunset 12_20_20

Nice sunset brings nature’s Christmas lights to the Sangre de Cristos. And an almost quarter moon up in the pink clouds.

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Sunset 12_18_20

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Moon and planets 12_16_20

Saturn, Jupiter and the waxing crescent moon (in descending order). The two planets will be the closest to each other (called a conjunction) on the Winter solstice, December 21st. It will be another 60 years before they are this near to each other. So get out and look up!

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Sunset 12_14_20

Nice altocumulus clouds at sunset on a very frigid day (didn’t get much above freezing).

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Timelapse clouds

Quick moving storm clouds over the Sange de Cristos today. Each segment represents about 10 and a half minutes. Looks like the mountains got some snow, yay!

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December 2nd storm

4.5 inches this morning and cooooold temps. It’s very welcome moisture during this drought. The mountains were roiling with clouds and that made for some interesting timelapses.

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