Skull and Crossbones

By viewing the following web pages, you assume all risk and responsibility for any and all phantasmagoric horrors you may or may not experience. Please read the following really super small print for your legal options regarding the direct or indirect viewing of the following diabolical, digital insanity...

Viewer agrees to hold Jabo and, it's subsidiaries, aliases, covens, death metal bands, demonic meet and greet rituals, scrapbooking clubs, spooky horticultural kids o' the corn, bit-coin miners, and multi-level marketing affiliates… blameless for the following cartoon and those from the last twenty god-forsaken years. Known side effects from viewing this or any material herein include (but are not limited to): the shambles, yellowing eyelids, philatelist's thumb, enlarged ocular jellies, rintintinnitus, momentary objaculation, inability to perform kibuki improv while thirsty, Capitalism, complaining… always complaining about the little things, hair thwips, lip tartar, emptying of the dunghill, that faraway look, mispelings, eclampsia with a lemon wedge, a desire to just watch Beelejuice again because all those other movies on Netflix are just too fricken' gruesome, rooting for the Braves, seriously THE BRAVES??… Cultural appropriation much, Mr. Tomahawk?, instigation of the concussion protocols, global tepidity, desire to compare wearing a mask to the suffering of the Holocaust (see diagnosis - "being a big crybaby"), boo hoodoo that you do so well, wanting to get out of that unlit basement as fast as possible even though you're a grownup and you shouldn't really still be afraid of the dark like you were when you were 5 years old, blue munderings, not casting a shadow, every little breeze seems to whisper Louise (even though your name is Devon), bucolic spasms, holistic nausea, harrowed prostration, inordinate use of your Dad's old thesaurus, holotony, a wee bit o' the diarrhea, going on and on with a one-trick joke or cartoon tradition for that matter, having to plotz and a mild to severe sore throat.

Just click the HALLO21 logo below to begin the fear-packed scream ride cartoon I quickly slapped together for the 20th Halloween! You has been warned… like 20 times now!