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Bobcat 9_29_20

Two more fleetings shots of our resident bobcat. He likes to swing by in the late afternoon.

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O. M. G.

So how are we all feeling this morning. Fresh and dewy eyed with abundant optimism? Or exhausted from a heaping pile of PTSD after an evening of abuse? Trump’s debate tactic was supposed to be a strategy of “coming out … Continue reading

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Critters 9_20

Ravens, hummers and our first Tarantula sighting at Jabo Casa… and a coyote pup.

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Eldo Odds 9_20

A nice tribute to RBG on the rail trail, a mystery plant (wolfberry?) I’m seeing all over the greenbelt and interesting rain cloud over the hood.

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Sunset timelapse 9_22_20

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Bobcat 9_22_20

This old feller was drinking out of our bird bath this afternoon. My first sighting of a bobcat in Eldo. Just managed to get a shot of him sauntering off.

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Taos 9_21_20

Day trip up to Northern New Mexico see friends and spend a short time along the Rio Grande.

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RBG 9_18_20

Anytime we lose a pillar of strength and an unwavering measure of what is right… we lose a giant hole in the fabric of who we are. These people have left far more than a memory or a page in … Continue reading

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Rainbow cloud and sunset virga 9_15_20

Interesting “cloudbow” from the rain over the mountains. The sunset was graced by a passing cloud and a virga burst falling from it.

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