Monthly Archives: September 2020

Timelapse sunsets 9_14 and 15_20

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Sunsets and Sunflowers 9_20

A few sunsets from the last week and our Maximillian Sunflowers blowing in the evening wind.

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Something you don’t see everyday…

A Praying Mantis checking out a hop bud!

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Butterflies and bees 9_3_20

Painted ladies are joining the honey bees and bumblebees in our garden.

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Coyotes 9_3_20

They are now regularly visiting and especially interested in the prairie dog dens. At night, they like to sing!

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Enjoying the garden color before next week’s early freeze.

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Scrub Jay 9_22_20

Landing on our Piñon tree for a bite.

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Cloud collection 8_20

An accumulation of cumuli, rainbows and light rays!

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