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John Lewis 7_17_20

He was assaulted, jailed and severely beaten for his advocacy as a Freedom Rider… but he never gave up the fight. Ever. Godspeed and Good Trouble.

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Happy Juneteenth!

A good read on the history of Juneteenth at The New York Times has an in-depth look at . More information from the National Museum of African American History and Culture . This day should be celebrated as … Continue reading

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A Funeral.

Assume for a terrible moment… that you’ve lost a loved one. And at the funeral, I come to you and say, “I’m sorry for your loss but, everyone dies eventually.” Or, “All deaths matter.” Would that be helpful to you? … Continue reading

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Sunset 6_2_20

This fiery sunset reminded me of the the 2 huge New Mexico fires… the Cerro Grande in 2000 and the Las Conchas eleven years later. Both happened around this time and in the area in the distant Jemez Mt.s where … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Photos of Dad during WWII.

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George Harrison and Paul Simon

On Saturday Night Live, November 20, 1976

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An eye opening web site on inequality… And a wonderful look at sustainability in architecture…

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Ok… so this happened.

15 years ago at 9:02 a.m., the Arthur P Murrah Federal Building was bombed in Oklahoma City, OK. Over 600 were injured and 168 were killed (19 were children in day care). The bomber was a Gulf War vet who … Continue reading

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Anchors Aweigh!

Or what I happen to work on when I am alternately bored and angry.

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Pink Super Moon 4_7_20

The moon is downAll over townThe forecast is grayNow that she’s gone awayThe stars in the skiesFell out of her eyesThey shattered when they hit the groundAnd now the moon is downThe sun will be fineIt’ll still shine all the … Continue reading

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