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Deja putsch

When I watched the Republican Convention of 2016, I was struck by how often the Presidential nominee raised his arm as he spoke at his acceptance speech. A rigid L-shape… punctuated with the hand in a white power “ok” gesture … Continue reading

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Winter solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 12_21_20

Jupiter is the larger, brighter object. Next conjunction this close will be in about 375 years. Can’t wait!

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Victory! 11_7_20

I was getting the mail and saw this sunset, which seems apropos for my current feeling of elation. 2020 is ending on a good note after all.

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Pumpkins and Elections

Our 2020 Halloween pumpkins and spending election night watching a fire and NOT the tv (turned out to be a boon for our mental health). For all the despair over how so many folks can vote for someone so incompetent … Continue reading

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James Randi 10_21_20

Another of my heroes has passed on.

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O. M. G. (part wtf!)

During this latest crisis, I think we need to remember to be better persons, not take pleasure in other’s misfortunes and hope for a full and speedy recov… awww… who am I kidding. While there is a little voice in … Continue reading

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O. M. G.

So how are we all feeling this morning. Fresh and dewy eyed with abundant optimism? Or exhausted from a heaping pile of PTSD after an evening of abuse? Trump’s debate tactic was supposed to be a strategy of “coming out … Continue reading

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RBG 9_18_20

Anytime we lose a pillar of strength and an unwavering measure of what is right… we lose a giant hole in the fabric of who we are. These people have left far more than a memory or a page in … Continue reading

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Medio Fire 8_20

A fire; likely caused by lightning and dry conditions, has ignited just North of Santa Fe up along the Rio en Medio, a beautiful steam that flows out of the Sangres and through Tesuque on its way to the Rio … Continue reading

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John Lewis 7_17_20

He was assaulted, jailed and severely beaten for his advocacy as a Freedom Rider… but he never gave up the fight. Ever. Godspeed and Good Trouble.

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