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Taliesin West 8_15_21

For my last day in Phoenix, I had the pleasure of visiting the Southwest home of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in 1937, Taliesin West is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of my favorite subjects of study … Continue reading

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Smoky sunset 8_7_21

The smoke from all the fires out West has now settled in Santa Fe. While it makes a lovely sunset timelapse, it’s not very good for the lungs. Climate change is not something for the future… the future is here. … Continue reading

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Compassion Fatigue 8_3_21

Compassion Fatigue A merry septet on this Dance of Death, 2021 It was bound to happenI’ve got compassion fatigueWatching lots dieFrom a preventable disease We thought Covid was lickedNow ICUs are a messThe light at the end of the tunnelIs … Continue reading

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Pecos National Historic Park geology walk 7_2_21

Today, I went to one of the many guided walks at one of my favorite spots, the Pecos National Historic Park, the site of the Pecos Pueblo ruins. This tour covered the geology of the area and how that influenced … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Looking at this photo, you can see what kind of outdoorsman Dad was. I mean… who wears patent leather shoes and dress slacks to go fishing? Still, he managed to teach us boys how to fish and judging from this … Continue reading

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Today is the 77th anniversary Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of France on the beaches of Normandy. The view from the LST is probably one that Dad experienced on Bougainville less than a year earlier in the South Pacific. All … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2021

In the vast history of WWII, little is written about contribution of the United States Naval Reserve Waves. Mom enlisted after she graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1943. She then graduated from the Naval Midshipman’s School at Northhampton, … Continue reading

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March Madness 2021

Every year, I spend more time photo-shopping my bracket than actually making intelligent picks. Seriously Texas…

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Inauguration 1_20_21

I enjoyed Biden’s speech and I thought it struck the perfect tone for his new presidency. But for me… Amanda Gorman’s poem was the highlight. It was an amazing, uplifting and inspiring end to the ceremony. It ushers in the … Continue reading

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Brand new day 1_20_21

So… how’s everybody feeling today? Ooooohhhh… and a nice sunset to boot!

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