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Greenbelt 8_22_22

Thanks to the abundance of rain we’ve had, the greenbelt is awash in flowers… mostly Cowpen Daisies. We’ve gone from a 1200 year drought to over 15 inches of rain since June (an inch over our yearly total)… helping to … Continue reading

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Cyanotypes in Abiquiú 8_18_22

We drove up to Abiquiú for a workshop on making cyanotypes given by our favorite artist, Anna Goraczko. There were beautiful vistas and a cyanotype sky at the studio of the workshop host, Hilary Lorenz. Added a rainbow from earlier … Continue reading

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A visit from a cooper’s hawk 8_14_22

He was very interested in the cornucopia of finches that were squawking from the nearby tree.

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Moonlight walk at Pecos National Historic Park

A special event at the park where a limited number of folks were allowed in after closing to walk through the Pueblo by moonlight. The moon didn’t oblige until the end of the walk but the dark skies did have … Continue reading

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Storm 8_7_22

We were slammed last Sunday with high winds, lots of lightning, hail and about 3.5 inches of rain. What was a narrow cloud burst I was filming for thunder sound samples, became a major storm. Walking around the neighborhood afterwards, … Continue reading

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Sunset 8_5_22

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July birds

The humingbird fights are heating up despite plenty of feeders. A small gang of piñon jays are stopping by along with five new house finches.

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Cumulonimbus at sunset 8_2_22

And a timelapse from the next day.

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