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Villanueva State Park 9_20_23

We finally revisited this wonderful park along the Pecos River, NM.

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Mid-September sun sets 9_22_23.

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Bring out your dead 9_14_23.

The State of Florida has issued an advisory regarding the updated Covid booster, declaring that no one under the age of 65 should get the vaccine. According to the Governor, “I will not stand by and let the FDA and … Continue reading

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Coyotes 9_5_23

Coyote couple and pup (not pictured) have been hanging out in the greenbelt

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Sky Railway 9_1_23

The old Santa Fe Southern Railway is now the Sky Railway… complete with dragon cars. Here’s a video of the train passing through the neighborhood on its way back to Santa Fe from Lamy. Nice to see happy folks ridin’ … Continue reading

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Tesuque BDay 9_9_23

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Waning Moon 9_4_23

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Holy Ghost Creek 9_1_23

Took a bumpy drive up to Holy Ghost campground to have lunch and relax at our favorite area, Holy Ghost Creek. Nice weather, a fine lunch and even a visit by a small bat looking for its lunch. Also made … Continue reading

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Final August sunsets and the Super Blue Full Moon

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August flora and fauna.

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