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Coyote brunch 2_15_23

A pack of three coyotes came hunting around the house. Because of the snow and cold temperatures, nobody is out to bother them and they have free reign over the greenbelt.

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Birds etc. 1_10_23

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Snow 11_14_22

Another round of snow and an answer to a mystery. For the last few weeks, a large hole has appeared under our bird feeder. Same place, same size. Our neighbors spotted a badger a few weeks ago, so I thought … Continue reading

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Late evening coyote visit 11_11_22

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Even more September critters!

Our local goat herding service helping with weed control, a camouflaged coyote, baby bull snake slithering on the road and a spooky tarantula on the march in search of a mate (that time of year for the spider’s migrations).

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Critter cornucopia in September

A thirsty bobcat came by for a drink at the bird bath, piñon jays are fighting over sunflower seeds, a finch enjoyed the sprinklers and a badger (sighted by our neighbor) has been excavating our driveway.

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Lizard Sex!

Found these two going at it right out in the open. They are New Mexico Whiptail lizards and they’re the official State of New Mexico reptile. They’re parthenogenic; that is… there are only females and they don’t require males to … Continue reading

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Bull snake

Our first bull snake of the season and he was about a four footer. He was hiding under our trash bin where I unwittingly was pounding down all the tumbleweeds we collected. He looked pretty dazed but luckily he survived … Continue reading

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Coyote 4_12_22

The greenbelt in Spring is now alive with the chippering of little prairie pals and that brings a young coyote lookin’ to meet a few!

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Bosque birds 1_25_22

We visited the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, NM to check out the Winter birds. It’s here that Sandhill Cranes, geese and other birds come to roost for the Winter. Sadly, due to the drought (and also … Continue reading

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