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Fungie, the Dingle dolphin

I recently learned that the bottlenose dolphin known as Fungie has disappeared. He was a resident of Dingle Bay, Ireland since 1983 and was a major tourist attraction. He swam alongside the fishing boats to catch a meal or a … Continue reading

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Happy Caturday New Year!

Marley has been busy hiding and lounging.

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Finch nests and ravens 7_5_21

We have finches nesting in the new portal who now have a nest thanks to Joan’s ingenuity! Later, a trio of raucous ravens stopped by to be filmed (plainly demonstrating my shakiness in wildlife film documentation). They were interested in … Continue reading

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Spring Garden 5_21

Despite the lack of water, the garden still manages to put out flowers and provide for the local fauna.Blossoms, bees bunny and moreā€¦ all below!

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Bullsnake 5_19_21

They are good at camouflage and Joan nearly stepped on this one while we were on our morning walk! In the Youtube video, you can see him using his tongue to track his path. Incredible creatures who keep the mouse … Continue reading

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Baby bunny mornin’ 5_18_21

By this afternoon, he and his 4 children will be chowing down on our newly planted garden!

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Marls 5_1_21

Marls has taken up hanging out above my mouse pad because it’s that much easier to get a scratch. Old age has its perks.

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Sanibel Island, Florida 4_21

Our first trip out after getting vaccinated. Decided to visit family in Florida and see the Gulf waters on Sanibel Island for my 62nd year of inception! Here are the various critters we saw along the way.

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Spring critter cavalcade 4_2_21

Now that things are warming up, lots of critters are coming out.

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Nightlife 3_8_21

Put out the game camera for the neighbors to see what’s been digging around their property and caught this dog. Hopefully it’s getting its share of rats and mice.

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