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Rain 6_19_22

Finally! Almost 3 inches so far and more forecast.

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Piñon shoots and cones 6_22

Our piñon trees are lousy with pine cones and new shoots. Glad to see these old trees are hanging on despite the drought.

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Sunsets 5_19_22

A few sunsets from last week. More enjoyable now that the smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire in the Jemez Mt.s is dissipating. Fingers crossed for rain tomorrow.

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Sunset and smoke 5_15_22

I realized I hadn’t got around to posting the smoke and sunset shots from the night of the eclipse. Lots of smoke columns that day and a very smoky evening.

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Sunset 5_12_22

In a nice break from the smoke and wildfires, the view of the Jemez Mt.s was clear and there were enough clouds to have a pleasant sunset.

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Sunset 5_4_22

Another smoky sunset (and time lapse) from the Cerro Pelado fire. Anyone interested in helping out the folks affected by the Hermit Peak fire, check out .

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Fires 4_30_22

We have 3 major fires burning now in Northern New Mexico. The Cerro Pelado, Cooks Peak and Calf Canyon/Hermit Peak fires have consumed 168,600 acres as of this morning (approximately 13 Eldorados in size). Smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire … Continue reading

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Clouds 4_19_22

We decided to spend the birthday in the neighborhood due to the red flag wind warning. Luckily we were able to enjoy these clouds before the dust moved in.

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Clouds 4_14_22

Interesting clouds at this evening’s sunset along with a nice timelapse.

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Coyote 4_12_22

The greenbelt in Spring is now alive with the chippering of little prairie pals and that brings a young coyote lookin’ to meet a few!

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