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Star gazing 9_24_22

We participated in an astro-photography workshop given by photographer Stan Ford at the Forked Lightning Ranch house in the Pecos National Historical Park. Lots of tips to help me take better pictures of the stars and lots of fun to … Continue reading

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Critter cornucopia in September

A thirsty bobcat came by for a drink at the bird bath, piñon jays are fighting over sunflower seeds, a finch enjoyed the sprinklers and a badger (sighted by our neighbor) has been excavating our driveway.

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Taos and Arroyo Seco 9_22

Drove up the High Road to Taos, hiked the Santa Barbara River, and visited Taos and nearby Arroyo Seco.

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Early birthday hike along Panchuela Creek 9_8_22

The Pecos Wilderness Area has finally been opened up and we took advantage and hiked our favorite creek last week. As usual, very green from all the rain.

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Cyanotypes in Abiquiú 8_18_22

We drove up to Abiquiú for a workshop on making cyanotypes given by our favorite artist, Anna Goraczko. There were beautiful vistas and a cyanotype sky at the studio of the workshop host, Hilary Lorenz. Added a rainbow from earlier … Continue reading

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Pecos National Historic Park 6_26_22

Now that the fire has diminished, we went back to PNHP for a quick tour.

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Lizard Sex!

Found these two going at it right out in the open. They are New Mexico Whiptail lizards and they’re the official State of New Mexico reptile. They’re parthenogenic; that is… there are only females and they don’t require males to … Continue reading

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Another smoky sunset 5_6_22

Sunset over the Jemez with smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire. Smoke has been awful but we get periods of relief when the winds shift. Tomorrow… we’re predicted to get “historic” winds that will last for the next 5 to … Continue reading

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Fires 4_30_22

We have 3 major fires burning now in Northern New Mexico. The Cerro Pelado, Cooks Peak and Calf Canyon/Hermit Peak fires have consumed 168,600 acres as of this morning (approximately 13 Eldorados in size). Smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire … Continue reading

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Pecos South Pasture Trail 4_8_22

Taking advantage of a warm sunny, non-windy day… we revisited a place we explored back in August. Despite a small wildfire nearby, a lot less smoke than our last visit. And we had the trail all to ourselves!

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